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Learn why you should advocate and 11 tips for effective advocacy.

Who Are We?

Just Advocacy of Mississippi (JAM) is a voluntary organization that offers independent advocacy services, facilitated self-advocacy and resources for people with disabilities and families. We advocate for all people with disabilities regardless of the type of disability or the age of the person.

What is Advocacy?

Over 54 million people in this country report having a disability and 600,000 of that total are Mississippians. No less important are the reported statistics of discrimination and barriers these individuals and their families face every day.

Dedicated to Our Cause

Whether you have a disability or are close to somebody who does, Just Advocacy of Mississippi (JAM) is dedicated to providing information and advocacy for anyone, including in our communities where we live to address the barriers to acceptance and integration and pave the way to mainstream society.

For any enquiries or assistance, contact:

Mary Troupe, Director
603 Mill Branch Road
Pearl, MS 39208
Phone: 601.941.9388
Fax: 601.939.7553

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